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Not just a brand, but a family,
of colors !
step one
All our products are made with ALL FDA & EU approved ingredients. All cakes and colors are selected to be safe on everybody's face or body. All ingredients and colors are selected on safety for everyone. Have a question? Do you want to know more? Contact us
step two
Please link to the documents in the menu, to download our statement and advise
step three
Service is our goal. You are the painter, starter or pro, but a painter. Body or face?
You are the painter.
Let us know if you need help, in colors, in products.
It is our aim to try and provide you reasonably priced, high quality products, safe and good and to continue to elaborate side by side with everybody in the face and body painting community.  That is wy we have two black's. One real dark black for bodypaint and strong skin. And a special black, just as black, but with less pigment for those with sensitive skins that should be a bit more carefull. Think about childeren, people with real white complexion. This black washes of better on those skins.
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Do you have a question? Need an answer? We promis you customer service. If we can't help you ourself, we will try our best to provide you support as you are familiar with, from the people you know
Cameleon works with a timelined introduction of new products. We don't want to give you anything you don't need, we want to listn to you first. That is why we have 'timeline'. Tell us what you would like us to produce, make or create for you to create your work of art. Email us, contact us via Facebook or simply drop a line. Click here to go to the Contact page
Using good products is our main issue. That is why our ingredients for the products are carefully chosen. We want our paints to be safe for childeren, models, painters but it should also not be harmful to the environment. Go here to find out about paint and Safety