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Downloads and important information
We hopen dat u de downloads leuk vind die u hier ter inspiratie kunt downloaden. Ook de Factsheets, gebruikt ze aub wanneer nodig. Hebt u meer informatie nodig over een van onze producten, neem dan vooral contact met ons op. Voor het downloaden van een pdf file met info, drukt u gewoon op de link of button

We hope you enjoy the downloads here, to find inspiration. Please use the Factsheets as you please. If you need more information about our products, please contact us so we can provide you with all info you might need. Just push the button of the pdf of your choice!

Wir hoffen euch gefällt die downloads. Diese können Sie hier downloaden für Inspiration. Die Fact Sheets, bitte benutzen sie, wenn nötig. Benötigen Sie mehr Informationen zu unseren Produkten, zögern Sie bitte nicht uns zu kontaktieren. Um eine PDF-Datei mit Informationen herunterzuladen, drücken Sie einfach den Link oder Button
Info sheets

How to find your download

Factsheets, for our products.

We have made our Datasheets, containing the ingredients of our products, Baseline, Airline and Metal in their own Datasheets. Please feel free, to download these and use them wisely.


What do the symbols on our labels meen?

Further Information!
This symbol indicates that the outer packaging does not provide sufficient space to print all the pertinent information required to fully understand the usage of the product. When this symbol appears, there is always additional information available to the consumer not appearing on the outer packaging—either in the form of a leaflet, inside the outer packaging, or online. cameleon

PAO—Period After Opening

This symbol will tell you how long the formula will remain stable after you remove the factory seal. This is not a "best before" date, however—this symbol refers only to shelf life after the seal is removed. Shelf life, for most cosmetics with an intact factory seal, is 36-48 months.We recommand 18 Months.


Green Dot

This symbol indicates that the product is registered with a third party that will collect the empty package for recycling purposes. All cosmetics companies selling products in jurisdictions where curbside recycling programs do not exist, are required to provide services to recycle the packaging components. This symbol informs consumers that the manufacturer provides such services. In Canada, because most municipalities offer blue bin service, this symbol is often not required.

May contain?

For colour cosmetics, such as make-up and lipstick, which come in a range of shades, all of the colours used in the product range are listed together at the end of the list preceded by the "may contain" symbol which is a simple "+/-". Each particular shaded product will use a selection of the colours listed.

Datasheets, van onze producten.

Wij hebben onze datasheets, met de ingrediënten van onze producten, Baseline, Airline en Metal in hun eigen Datasheets.

Download ze en gebruik ze verstandig.


Daten von unsere produkten.

Wir haben unsere Datenblätter, mit einem der Inhaltsstoffe und data fuer unserer Produkte, Baseline, Airline und Metal in ihren eigenen Datenblätter.

Bitte zögern Sie nicht, diese herunterzuladen und benutzen sie mit Bedacht.