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Always clean your brushes with good brush soap. ( we recommend our Lemon Sorbet soap, that is great for brush and skin !) .

Try to dry your cake with a clean cloth or dry wipe without lotion or parfum befor closing and storing.

We don't need to tell you how to clean your things, you'r a professional, but these 2 things can not be said enough.

Because Cameleon uses very less water, it can be hard to see that your cake is a bit moist. If you have doubt, put it in your microwave for 3 seconds. Leave to cool for at least 5 minutes and see that the damp/moist or excess water is completly gone

Metal paint is far more softer than our Base Line. So try not to use to much water when using a Color Block containing a Metal color. Specialy Oscar Gold is very soft. That can be nice, but also hard to work with, when in a Color Block with harder cakes. But because our paint uses very little water, try to experiment with the water you take on your brush.

Please never hessitate to contact us, when you have questions, need advise or just want to ask something that you are affraid of.

NO question is dumb, no questin is silly and we hope to help you as soon as you need to. Both Jasmin and Eugenie do their best to provide assistence and in case you have questions we can't answer in a tick, we have our great team ready where we can put your question in the thinktank.

Our paints are made with very much care for ingredients. All our face and body paints are manufactured using only ingredients compliant with EU & FDA cosmetic regulations. Not just that, we also don't have Parfum or Parabenes in our paint, nor is it based on beeswax. This all to prevent any harm that can accure to childeren and sensitive skin.

This is why some of the colors can stain a bit more than you might be used to.
The pigment is high and safe! We do advise to dry the used paint full in open container and clean with fresh water moist cloth.

Even thoug the product is safe to use within 18 months after opening your container, we would rather advise you to not let it out in the open so long. Long not used colors are wise to check every now and than. Better safe !

Sometimes people can react on paint. It does not mean that the paint is bad, or you are handeling you'r material wrong. A rash can also be a stain after washing. Always check if the person with the rash/stain has an itch or warmth on the skin.
Also, be sure that underneath the paint, no sunscreen or any other product containing parfum is used. If a stain or rash is warm and itchy, please contact a doctor.
If you have a problem with any of our paints, please contact us! We rather hear from you yourself, than angry words on social media, where we could have been a help and did not know.

  • In case of doubt, do a 24 hours skin test/patch on the inside of the arm.
  • In case of rash, stop immediately and wash of paint with water.
  • Don't use warm water, it closes the pores, use fresh and room temperature water.
  • Use as less possible babywipes and soap, use water on clean cloth.
  • Wash by applying liquid soap or our Lemon Sorbet soap ( don't use brands that contain oil) without water and make a paste /foam with the paint. Wait a few seconds, then rinse with hand warm water
  • babywipes can contain parfum or oils, made to clean babybums. NOT faces!
  • We are aware that some of our greens / blue-ish colors stain. This is not because of bad quality but because of high pigment. It is not unsafe or can hurt anybody!
  • Wash by applying liquid soap or baby shampoo ( don't use the brands that contain a lot of parfum) without water and make a paste /foam with the paint. Wait a few seconds, then rinse with hand warm water
  • Remeber that warm water closes the pores and could well take the color into the skin, so don't use to warm water. Preferable cold!
  • One of the reasons colors are staining is because the skin is dry
  • Use a moisturizer and let it soak in then wash again gently. You could use olive oil, it's good for the skin!
  • Glycerine is an ingredient in our paint, therefore, using a glycerine based , or castile soap will reactivate the paint letting it be washed off, together with some cold water.
  • One of the reasons colors are staining is because the skin is dry

All face paint manufacturers will obviously do their utmost to make sure their paints and products are safe for use on the skin.
However there is no consistent ruling between manufacturers on a lower age recommendation, with some mentioning on the packaging ‘’not for use on under threes’’ and others not mentioning any age at all.

The reasoning behind the advice to NOT paint the face of an under three years old is that the skin of young children is thinner and more sensitive than other parts of the body, and products that may be tolerated on other areas (such as arms and legs) , can cause irritation and rashes …especially on the eye and mouth area.

The following information has been gathered from a Biomedical Scientist (who is also a face painter) in consultation with a doctor. Irritant Contact dermatitis: Fragrances and dyes are known to be irritating to young babies’ skin and Cosmetics Europe, the cosmetic industry’s European trade association stipulates that cosmetics products intended for use on children below the age of three must undergo a specific safety assessment. Allergic contact dermatitis: This occurs when the immune system reacts against a specific substance as if it were trying to attack the body. This substance is then called an allergen.
You only need a small amount of allergen in contact with the skin to cause a rash and this can happen even after years of uneventful use of the same product.

Children are not born with this type of allergy
they must have previously come into contact with the allergen which has then ‘sensitized’ the immune system. Once sensitized, the skin reacts and becomes inflamed with it comes into further contact with the allergen.
Removal : The general recommendation is to remove face and body paint with a dermatological soap or baby shampoo and warm water; and always before the end of the day. Excessive scrubbing to remove paint should not be necessary and could damage skin. There is also potential for skin to be irritated by a reaction between substances in baby wipes and paint that has been safely applied.
At the moment the above is ADVICE and not law….. but it does make sense to keep to this advice.
The paints themselves are safe for skin use…. This information relates to its use on young children.

Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 30 November 2009 on cosmetic products (Text with EEA relevance)can be downloaded from our download pages in dutch and english. We comply to the EU rules on cosmetics as per these law. If you want to read and download the full text, please click this link to our page: Download documents.